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safe and smelly

Well, here’s to farmers. That’s all I can say after this most recent photoshoot with WorkSafe BC (Workers Compensation Board of BC). The day left me tired, sweaty and smelling like manure, but I wasn’t working half as hard as those farmers. Expect to see some of these images in the upcoming issue of WorkSafe Magazine. I just had to beat them to the punch!

I’ve been working on this project with WorkSafe BC and the Mexican Consulate for over a year now, and the finished product is expected to launch in the next few months. Here’s more details from a previous post on the same assignment. These images will be used for training material, which will be delivered to Mexican Immigrants prior to arriving in Canada to work in agriculture. Many of these workers have never been to Canada and aren’t familiar with the landscape, culture, agriculture and more importantly, safety procedures and regulations in this country. With over 3000 Mexican Immigrants arriving in BC annually, this project proactively addresses worker training and safety. A huge thanks to Pattie Fair from WorkSafe BC who poured her heart into this project and became a great friend in the meantime. Staff from WorkSafe BC, dignitaries from the Mexican Consulate and the many farm workers who modeled- you’ve all been an absolute pleasure to work with.



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